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Hi, I'm James. 21 years young. Whovian. I post a lot about whatever. This blog is a complete mess to be honest. Random stuff that interests or amuses me, and perhaps you too... Feel free to ask me anything. Anything at all.

and I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who follows me, because that means that you like the same stuff as me, and chose me as a worthy person to see stuff from every day, and I see you all as friends. I never thought a single person would follow me when I started this blog, let alone reblog anything from me! Although whenever someone does reblog/like something from me, I like to imagine them as Thor on the computer, saying “I like it. Another!” and it never fails to make me smile. So basically I’m trying to say that you are all superheroes and I love you all for caring :) Here;s to another 4,500 posts and more!

yeah, i like a bit of stubble.



on s scale from 1 to the Orphan Black fandom, how in love are you with the lead actor of your favorite show?


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